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Greypixel Geometrics team is proud of having 100% customer satisfaction rate so far. The implementation of engineering innovations related to Industry 4.0 is the main objective at present. During recent projects, novel surveying techniques and methods were combined efficiently. 3D point clouds created by laser scanning and photogrammetry are capable of accurately and quickly digitalizing different action areas and allowing designers to introduce real 3D design.


3D survey was undertaken last year in the historic center of Pécs, in Ferencesek Street. On-site survey done by laser scanner was completed within 4 hours and an additional 8 hours spent with post production work. Thanks to the novel and fast survey method based on cloud technology, down to the millimeter accuracy of spatial information was collected from the total facade of 45 historic buildings. The survey was actually influenced by passers-by, vehicles and other disturbing factors however cleaned from the final cloud since all unsuitable things were removed by during the post production work. Digitizing Ferencesek Street was a first step taken during the laser survey project of the entire city center of Pécs. Additonal pictures will be soon available …


In December 2016 the survey of Sümeg Castle was undertaken. On site within 5 days, nearly 300 measurements were performed, 1.2 billion coordinates were recorded and transformed into an EOV coordinate system. After processing 80Gb of photos, 35Gb of (x, y, z) coordinates, the final result was a 70Gb 3D point cloud. Having December-like weather and light conditions, high-dynamic range (HDR) pictures were also taken to achieve uniform color shades. Beside the architectural survey the documentation of the geometry and material composition of the castle walls was also a very important part of the technical review. By coloring spherical panoramic shots the different phases of various restoration works are well separated. Laser scanning was helpful in defining those parts of the castle wall where static reinforcements may be required.


One of the most popular public spaces in the city of Pécs, Tettye Palace Ruins was selected for the introduction project. It is our objective to get the widest possible range of interest regarding innovative engineering solutions based on point cloud technology. HDR spherical panorama shots adjusted to the point cloud make millions of laser points emitted by the laser scanner completely lifelike. The time required to fieldwork is reduced to less than one tenth of the traditional geodetic and other survey techniques while service results far exceed them in quality, accuracy and scope. 3D engineering services include geodetic survey, 3D terrain modeling, architectural photography or generating indoor and outdoor virtual tours.


In Pécs one section of the district heat pipeline connecting the thermal power plant to the suburban area was digitized. Based on the survey results a complex maintenance plan could be compiled containing all the digitized and damaged district heating elements. Based on the photos received and/or walking on the site, the desired survey area can be defined. Depending on the customer’s demand, the most appropriate survey tools and procedures are selected by our experts. We have been striving from the very beginning for innovative, high quality and cost-effective engineering solutions. LEICA tools used during the survey phase guarantee an outstanding value for money.


For the full condition survey of the Pécs National Theatre demo series were completed. Using the technical information gained from the survey, future developments and modifications can be optimized and implemented in a more accurate and cost-effective way. During the survey the LEICA Scanstation C10 equipment measures and records millions of points per second along a 360 ° sphere radius, thousands of points per square meter are recorded within a spatial coordinate system. This full geometric survey provides long-term support for the engineers of the technical department of the theatre.


3D scanning basically means the conversion of bodies with physical dimension to digital files. Scanners map the entire surface of the geometric shape by dots so that the device itself has no contact with the object. 3D point clouds generated during 3D scanning and high resolution digital photographs enable the full and accurate documentation of buildings. The digital documentation generated this way provides clear advantage either in built heritage protection, archiving, and maintenance. Furthermore it provides accurate information to light designers, scale model makers, and industry specific designers. The entire facade survey of Pécs Cathedral took two work days, the result speaks for itself.

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