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Using aerial photogrammetry, large areas can be mapped. Photo-graphical software helps to create 3D models containing accurate information about the action area. Raw aerial photographs are taken using drones. We strive to achieve 100% imaging that is provided by experts in air photography. Aerial photogrammetry enables to survey agricultural land, to document archaeological excavations, and to produce urban scale 3D models.

Having increased camera resolution and cloud-based photogrammetry services, 3D documentation of complex geometry objects can be quickly compiled. The use of land photogrammetry is recommended as an additional survey to laser scanning in case of documenting 3D historic monuments. More detailed textures can be achieved by having +/- 3 cm error tolerance.

The transformation of the point clouds produced during the photogrammetry into surface mesh allows the digitized elements to be reproduced by 3D printers. This procedure allows creating a "3D picture" print for posterity. Profiles of damaged ornaments become precisely editable again.

Digital Surface Model (DSM) is a 2.5 dimensional orthophoto. It is an orthogonal top view of the high-precision survey. Each pixel in rasterized photos contains XZY coordinates. The coordinates contain the height coordinate of the highest point Z in the given area.

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