The Greypixel Workshop Ltd. was established in 2011 to provide 3D engineering services like 3D visualization, 3D animation and visual effects both for the domestic and the international market. Over the years, they have also expanded their expertise in 3D laser scanning. In 2016 the company set up Greypixel Geometrics Ltd. as an independent business unit. Thanks to their capacity expansion and market demand they are able to undertake accurate, high resolution 3D surveys. The main objective is to support Hungarian investors, engineers, manufacturers, construction companies to get acquainted with Industry 4.0 related innovative engineering solutions by supporting their work migration needs. Based on the feedback from existing customers they are able to provide a great deal of efficiency gain and more accurate design for projects implementing 3D scale documentations and CAD files by using laser scanning. Recently, they have supported the design process of several engineering team by providing an updated survey of the area in planning since the existing 2D plans did not cover the reality.

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Added value technology is used widely in several countries. Contact us to know more how to improve efficiency by implementing planning and construction projects based on 3D planning.
Subsequent to digitalizing reality the planning in 3D can be started. By using Building Information Modelling more accurate calculations can be prepared regarding investment costs occurring in the construction industry.
Photogrammetry is the science of remote sensing by the use of which pictures taken on objects, buildings, built environment the real dimensions of real elements are calculated by using relevant software.
Based on the feedback of partners a dramatic increase of work efficiency and more accurate predictability has become available during projects where scale 3D documentation and CAD files were provided.
The objective of GIS solutions is to get simplified models by digitalizing real environment in order to be able to make meaningful conclusions. Know more about our smart efforts!
Complex 3D geometric review, besides providing proper basis for long term maintenance and reconstruction plan, also provides immediate value-added attribute to the real estate. Prior to a sale or reconstruction a significant reduction of risks can be monitored by the investors.
Survey Points
Million Points recorded
Terabyte Data collected


  • Survey time reduced by 90%
  • Faster site survey, collecting significantly more data (50,000 points / sec) compared to conventional methods
  • Faster post-production
  • Digitalized 3D documentation
  • No need to repeat on-site survey, refinement, as venue can be accessed virtually
  • Spherical panorama images can be used to define exact size
  • Remarks made during work available for all team members.
  • Instrument range: 300 meters, sound level 5mm
  • Precise digital mapping of complex geometry surfaces
  • Surveying extreme locations
  • Mapping of complex spatial systems and complex structures
  • 100% imaging
  • Archiving the accurate documentation provides access about present state for future use
  • Accurate 3D documentation for subsequent reconstruction processes
  • 3D documentation to create variable stage layouts
  • Assessment of current status
  • More actual information compared to traditional survey
  • Reducing planning time, work and costs
  • Better predictability compared to 2D designs, spatial volumes can easily be extracted
  • Eliminating construction faults by using BIM, reducing construction costs
The reality inspires


Greypixel Geometrics team is proud of having 100% customer satisfaction rate so far. The implementation of engineering innovations related to Industry 4.0 is the main objective at present. During recent projects, novel surveying techniques and methods were combined efficiently. 3D point clouds created by laser scanning and photogrammetry are capable of accurately and quickly digitalizing different action areas and allowing designers to introduce real 3D design.


Leica Geosystems - Magyarország

A Leica erőssége nemcsak a terepi felismerésekben, a távérzékelésben és fotogrammetriában megnyilvánuló innovatív, újító fejlesztésekben rejlik, hanem mindinkább a világ vezető technológiai társaságaival és vásárlóival való stratégiai partnerkapcsolatokban. Magyarországi partnereink közül szívesen ajánlom a Greypixel Geometrics szolgáltatásait. 

Nestlé Hungary Kft.

A Nestle-nél elvárás a rövid határidőre való gyors és precíz munkavégzés. A Greypixel több projektünk esetében is segítette mérnökcsapatunkat lézeres szolgáltatásaikkal.

Pécs-Baranyai Kereskedelmi és Iparkamara

Fiatal, ambíciózus társaság, akiknek célkitűzésük, hogy segítsenek a magyar építőipar vállalkozásoknak az ipar 4.0-hoz kapcsolódó mérnöki innovációk megismerésében és támogassák átálásai igényeiket.


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